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A Migraine is a common health problem which affects more often, women than men. Because of the nature of migraines as being intermittent, they have a significant impact on a patient’s professional and social life.

“Acupuncture History”

My client was suffering from migraines for four months, having headaches at least three times per week. Those headaches were accompanied by nausea, vomiting and lately it was causing her to feel depressed. The patient’s sister called me to try to arrange an emergency appointment for her. I asked her why she needed an emergency appointment. She said that she had a horrible headache and she was vomiting. I asked her if she was recently evaluated by an MD. She said yes and her diagnosis was a migraine. We scheduled an immediate appointment. When they arrived she explained that the headaches started during preparation for acceptance into law school, and they just got worse after she was denied acceptance. She was put on several medicines by her MD, and they were working only for a short period of time. She also said that she was missing a lot of time on her job, and that she was worried about her potential for promotion.

I explained to her the concept of acupuncture and how it is performed. I then explained about her specific and unique treatment protocol that was created only for her condition. As she lay on the treatment table with a plastic bag (for vomiting) next to her and a pain level of 9 out of 10, I started to treat her. Her sister, who was finishing up her year in medical school started to ask me how one chooses a point if you do not have lab work or an MRI.

I kindly explained the basic principles of acupuncture, making sure that she understood diagnostic procedures in acupuncture. I also reminded her about the fact that acupuncture has been practiced for more than 3000 years.

About 15 minutes later she came out of the room and said that her sister was sleeping. She had not been sleeping well with a migraine but now she was asleep. I explained that her body was re-balancing and recuperating and needs energy. That is why she was sleeping.

About 30 more minutes later I went back in the room to take her needles out. I asked her about the status of her pain and nausea. She said that she had no more pain and nausea. She also said that she felt that she needed sleep.