How to Stay Fit Despite Your Disability

There are many individuals who suffer from disability and are unable to work out as they would like. Thankfully, there are many ways a person can stay fit and strong, even if they suffer from a health condition or injury that prevents them from having full range motions in their body. These tips can help almost anyone improve their strength, even if they are confined to a wheelchair.

Many individuals feel confined to their home because of their disability. The good news is, working out is not impossible inside the home and can even be fun. Seated workouts are surprisingly effective and can raise the heart rate just as a full aerobic workout would. There is now a host of workout DVDs that teach disabled and wheelchair bound individuals how to work out. These exercises can be modified to fit a person’s physical limitations and can sometimes even be carried out in bed.

Organized sports leagues are available for those with disabilities and handicaps. There are basketball leagues for those bound to wheelchairs and many other organized sports options. Not only does this help a person stay active and fit, it also gives them the social aspect that improves their outlook and confidence. The encouragement of other players is often very beneficial in helping individuals stay motivated.

Instead of having to purchase heavy weights that can be hard on the body, a person can simply use tin cans that are full. Bottled water can also be effectively used as a weight. This is a great way to improve upper body strength even if a person cannot get out of their chair or bed. This can be done while watching television or listening to music and should be done in short reps so as not to overburden the body.

Before beginning any exercise regime, it is imperative individuals consult with their doctor to ensure it is safe. Those who would like to learn further information can visit This site is full of helpful life topics that speak to a variety of individuals. Visit today, there is always something new being posted for viewers to enjoy.