Surgical Nurses at Lahey Hospital Receive a Leadership Award from DAISY

Nurses handle much of the toughest, most demanding work at every hospital, and that is true at Lahey, as well. Despite its widely recognized reputation as a center for medical teaching and research, Lahey Hospital is also a place where a great deal of important but routine healthcare is delivered every year.

Nurses who work at Lahey Hospital fill a huge range of important roles, and many of them differ significantly from what some would expect from the profession. Where nurses who interact with convalescing patients on a daily basis invariably contribute directly to their progress and recovery, there are other nurses whose more specialized duties matter every bit as much.

Surgical Nurses Support Doctors and Patients Through Some of the Most Critical Moments of All

In particular, as a new post at the LinkedIn profile for Lahey Hospital describes, nurses who assist and fill out surgical teams are trusted with some of the most important responsibilities of all. While many people will already understand how dangerous even a moment of inattention from a surgeon can be, surgical nurses come under hardly any less stress and pressure.

In fact, surgical nurses can contribute every bit as much to the success of an operation as the doctors under whose direction they work. Nurses are responsible not just for taking care of the myriad details that accompany and support every surgery, but for doing so in ways that admit no possibility of mistake, oversight, or negligence.

Dedicated Surgical Nurses Regularly Impress Others with their Professionalism and Capabilities

As a result, successful surgical nurses often receive praise for just how well and consistently they carry out these difficult duties. With a team at Lahey Hospital recently receiving a prestigious Surgical Nursing Leadership award, recognizing how much these professionals contribute to others is always appropriate and worthwhile.

Where just about every nurse practicing today can count on taking on plenty of challenging, meaningful work, some specialized nurses encounter particularly demanding duties on a regular basis. Surgical nurses like the award winners at Lahey Hospital not only help enable the success of life saving procedures on a regular basis, they participate in many other important kinds of work, as well.